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So you want to be a voice actor, really? (A little more)
by Leesha on October 29th, 2012

Don LaFontaine and many others have found fame and fortune as a voice talent.  These greats perform with seemingly little to no effort and bring scripts and stories to life.  My soft, warm, compassionate delivery is only one style of voice acting. Voice actors can be as unique as petals on a rose or as varied as snow flakes.  Below I provide a few more of my tips on becoming a professional voice actor:

Find your niche: what you do well. Many new voice talent want to do every delivery and style right out of the gate: compassionate, animated, girl or guy next door, etc.  You need to understand your best style and delivery, which usually is not everything.  Perhaps your voice is best for e-learning, hard sell, or perhaps for soft, warm, and hart-felt messages.  The point is that you can waste a staggering amount of time pursuing the wrong type of jobs.  Break the habit now.  

Develop a support system.  It can take years to become a stellar voice actor and that is with study and perseverance.  Disappointments will come, and at times, you will be the one who needs compassion.  This can be lonely business.  Many folks like the idea of being a voice actor but not the hard work needed for regular practice, quality auditions, continued learning, good home studio skills, etc.  Try to get someone to hold you accountable to help keep you on track towards building your voice business goals.  

Do it or don’t!  Recently I met a guy who said to me, “... I’m trying to do voice overs.”  My first thought was, “Why.  You are, or you are not.”  Decide on who you are and what you do.  A voice over artist is a skilled artisan.  You don’t want to become someone who spends thousands of dollars on audio equipment and voice training to the become a professional (voice) student and not one (voice) job to your credit.

Know when to quit/know when to stay.  Some folks hit the ground running and never look back.  But if you have challenges or have tried and still are unable to overcome them, perhaps voiceover is not the right career for you. We all have personal issues, but if your obligations make it almost impossible for you to do what’s necessary to be successful, you may need to take a break or close the business until you can really commitment to your success.  

Whatever you decide, voice overs is a unique and fun career.  Well, that’s it for now.  

Happy voicing!

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