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Time for Social Media or Voiceovers?
by Leesha on December 7th, 2012

Spending time on social media is great for connecting within the voiceover community.  The various outlets provide an excellent way of keeping up with trends, events, and innovation in the vo industry.  How much time of any given day should one spend on social media?  Is it possible to spend too much time on media?

As a self employed voice over artist, I find time management is crucial.  I know that many voice artists are verst in computer skills, which is necessary for successfully managing one’s home studio and electronic interactions.  However, it is important to plan your time so you are not spending more time on social media than on your voice over work.  

Schedule Your Time:  If you share your time in many daily pursuits, plan when to check in with social media.  Social media is an excellent marketing tool, and provides a great opportunity to connect with potential clients.  Still, this is only one tool in your marketing plan.    

Make time for your VO craft:  Always seek ways to hone your skills.  Regular practice helps you to develop a better voice delivery, so as they say, “Practice makes perfect.”    Never minimize the need for practicing your voiceover skills over web surfing.

Don’l leave out human interaction: Remember, you are a talent on the move.  Compassion, tenderness, and kindness are great attractors within the human spirit.  Let your soul show through when meeting others.  Personal interactions can lead to new business relationships just as much web connections.  Social media should not replace human interaction just give it a different flavor.

Okay, now go for it! 

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