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Voiceover Newbees - Makings for Great New long-term Relationships
by Leesha on January 29th, 2013

(Photo credit: Curtis Kennington)

Professional voiceover is a great career, and the field is full of seasoned pros who deliver phenomenal talent.  However, even the industry’s best voice talent had a start.  Many of those new to the craft are tirelessly seeking and searching to find their position in the VO community.  New talents have the potential to bring wonderful benefits to their clients. For producers and clients, working with new voice talent can lead to a great long-term voiceover relationship.   

Many new voice talent, with five years or less of experience, are desperately trying to make a name for themselves in the VO industry.  This can be a great plus for clients in the following ways:  
  • New talents may offer discounted rates helping to save the client’s bottom line

  • Talents sometimes offer pro-bono work to help build their voice over resume

  • New talents can be eager to please new clients and will work hard to get the project right

  • When new talents become established, most still offer the best services and rates to their initial clients as a sign of appreciation and loyalty
As with all relationships, even in business, they take work to last.  With such competition in the VO industry, there is an ever changing group of voice talent becoming equipped with new voice acting skills ready to deliver their best to you and your bottom line.

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