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Voiceover's Spring Cleaning
by Leesha on April 13th, 2016

Spring cleaning can take many forms. Take some time to do a little voiceover business cleaning too. Now is a good time to review your business and see if a little cleaning up or cleaning out is due. Here’s a reminder of some things you may want to put on your cleanup list.
Computer review:  If you have a PC, take time and do a De-frag to recombine old or scattered files. 
Review your computer’s files, hard drive, and storage. Are there files that need to be moved from your computer’s drive to your external drive? Voiceover files can take up a lot of memory, so reviewing your drive’s storage should be a regular habit.
What about those old voiceover scripts and other files that you have not looked at in years? If you’re not sure whether you’ll need the files later, just archive them externally. Label the files by date or subject just in case you may need to locate them in the future.
Your work space: Do you have files all around you as you try to work? Voiceover and voice acting are creative businesses, so creativity needs calming and inspiring work spaces. Clean out those old papers and files from in and around your space. You will find that a clutter free work space helps clear you mentally and will improve your focus while voice acting.
Your phone: If not done already, clean out your phone's old photos and download them to your desk or laptop computer. If you’re like me, you use your phone for voiceover practice and audio recordings. Over time, those files can take up a lot of phone storage. While you may or may not have space on your phone, if the items are important, back them up to your external drive.
Your business Plan:  The Northern Hemisphere is fully in spring now, so are your 2016 business goals on track? Do some review to see if some of your plans need updating, revising, or rewriting. This exercise will also help refocus you mentally as you work your way though a successful spring season.

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